Strong wipers -

Presenting a new portfolio


Proven standard with state-of-the-art technology: Conventional HELLA Metal Wiper Blades have a high-quality steel frame and, thanks to their graphite-coated rubber lip, impress with their quiet, even wiping action. They are quick and easy to install thanks to the Easychange adapter. The flexible adapter system makes the Metal Wipers suitable for numerous vehicle models. 



High tech for the windscreen: the hingeless CleanTech 2.0 aerodynamic wiper blades ensure superior wiping results. The aerodynamic spoiler prevents the windscreen wiper from being lifted by the airstream. The nano-coated flat bar wipers glide smoothly over the glass with even contact pressure. The nano-coating makes the wipers long-lasting. Various adapters ensure a high level of vehicle coverage and easy installation. 


EasySet OE 

Simply the right choice for almost any vehicle: the aerodynamic HELLA EasySet OE Wiper Blades for selected vehicles even impress on the outside with their super-flat, stylish design, which is based closely on flat bar original equipment wipers. And the functionality does not have to hide itself away either: the special nano-coating guarantees an optimal wiping experience in all conditions and ensures a long service life. Thanks to EasyFit and the modular adapter system, it can be attached in no time at all. 


EasySet upgrade 

The optimum upgrade to the latest wiper technology: with the stylish HELLA EasySet upgrade for selected vehicles, existing standard metal wipers can be easily converted to modern flat bar wipers. Thanks to the nano-coated, aerodynamic wiper blades, even those driving older vehicles can benefit from state-of-the-art design and outstanding wiping results. The extremely long-lasting wipers can be mounted quickly and easily with one click thanks to the EasyFit system. Various adapters provide a high level of vehicle coverage. 


Rear flat 

State-of-the-art technology for the rear window: thanks to their nano-coating, the HELLA Rear-Flat Wiper Blades ensure outstanding wiping results in rain, snow and spray water, and all that with extremely low wear. The extremely flat, aerodynamic wiper blades are based on the design of modern original equipment wipers, so they cut a fine figure at the rear of any vehicle. Thanks to the Easychange system with modular adapters, the wipers can be mounted in just a few simple steps and used on numerous different vehicles. 


Rear plastic 

For optimum visibility out of the rear window: HELLA Rear-Flat Plastic Wiper Blades are the ideal solution for numerous vehicles and cover up to 20 % of the vehicle fleet.
The special nano-coating not only ensures an optimal, streak-free wiping result, even under adverse conditions, but also guarantees a very long service life. The specially developed, lightweight material is exceptionally robust and resistant. The modern aerodynamic flat bar design is inspired by original wipers. Thanks to the innovative multi-adapter system, the wipers can be used universally on many vehicles and, thanks to EasyFit, can be fitted in just a few simple steps. 



A powerful combination: the HELLA Hybrid Wiper Blades combine the advantages of conventional metal wipers with the properties of modern flat bar wipers. The long-lasting wipers ensure ideal contact pressure and a streak-free wiping experience at all times thanks to their optimised technology. The Hybrid Wiper Blades are closely based on the design of corresponding original wipers, for example those on many Asian vehicle models, and can be used universally on numerous different vehicles thanks to the EasyFit adapter system. They can be attached in just a few simple steps. 



Brave the harsh winter weather: the extremely resistant HELLA Winter Wiper Blades are optimised for adverse conditions, such as snow, sleet and road salt, and always ensure a perfect view, even in winter. The wiper lips’ special rubber compound is particularly resistant and offers a streak-free wiping experience even in sleet. The robust wiper construction, based on the design of original wipers, guarantees long durability and perfect function at all times. The easy-to-fit HELLA Winter Wiper Blades are available for various vehicle types. 


Heavy duty 

You can rely on that: HELLA Heavy Duty Wipers defy even the most adverse conditions and heavy loads when used continuously every day on the road or in agriculture, and they reliably ensure a clear view in every situation. Nothing can shake the wipers that easily, thanks to the sturdy, high-quality steel frame. The reinforced heavy-duty rubber compound ensures long durability and optimum wiping results even in harsher environmental conditions, important attributes for agricultural vehicles in particular. Also available with an integrated spray nozzle for an even better wiping experience.