Strong wipers -

The HELLA wiper range - for a clear view with the safety bonus

Conventional wipers

The tried-and-tested classic with cutting edge features: The conventional HELLA wiper blades have a high-quality steel frame and score big points with their smooth and even wiping action thanks to the graphite-coated rubber lip. Installation is child's play thanks to the Easychange adapter.


The latest generation of high tech for the windscreen: The jointless Cleantech 2.0 aerodynamic wiper blades guarantee outstanding wiping results. The aerodynamic spoiler prevents the windscreen wiper from being lifted up by the air stream. The nano-coated flat bar wipers glide smoothly and with even pressure being applied over the windscreen. Thanks to nanocoating, the wipers are extremely durable. Various adapters ensure a wide range of applications on tap and, of course, easy installation.


The smart flat bar wiper for when the going gets tough: HELLA Smartech wipers combine conventional design and innovative technology. The integrated spoiler directs the air flow so that the wiper is pressed evenly against the windscreen - for smooth gliding behaviour and an optimum wiping result. Various adapters make the Smartech wipers suitable for a variety of vehicle applications.

Heavy Duty

Of this you can be really sure: The HELLA Heavy Duty wipers defy even the most adverse conditions and extreme stresses on the road, also when operating on a continuous, daily basis - and they are your reliable guarantee for clear visibility in every situation. Thanks to the stable, high-quality steel frame, nothing can shake up these wipers so easily. The reinforced heavy-duty rubber compound ensures long durability and optimum wiping results.

Heavy Duty with integrated spray nozzle

When the going gets even tougher: The heavy duty wipers with integrated spray nozzle offer all the advantages of the normal heavy duty wipers - and literally go one better. This is because the spray nozzle distributes the cleaning agent from the windscreen washer system specifically and evenly onto the windscreen, thus ensuring even better visibility, especially in dusty or wintry conditions.


As if made for rural terrain, but also brilliant on urban streets: HELLA wiper blades for agricultural vehicles are specially designed for the special conditions of field work. They easily wipe away earth splatter, dust or heavy rain and are at the same time highly resilient and resistant. Although tough, the wipers are gentle on the windscreen, thus ensuring that it does not develop any blind or blurred spots.