Quality pays off -


You'll notice the difference with HELLA wiper blades. After all, the graphite coating on the rubber section of the wiper blade significantly reduces friction in the contact areas between the wiper blade and the windshield. As a result, the wipers are quieter and much more consistent – and the service life of the wiper blades is extended considerably thanks to a reduced degree of wear.

It's quick to change conventional and flat-blade wipers alike: Thanks to the HELLA system, all it takes is a few minutes and a few simple steps to change the wiper blades and see the road clearly once again. A few steps are all it takes to perform the replacement thanks to the adapters, which are tailored to the respective vehicle and preassembled or included with the blades. It couldn't be easier! And if you should happen to need a little more help: You automatically receive a link to the appropriate installation video after selecting your vehicle in our online configuration tool.

Even conventional HELLA wiper blades impress with their almost perfect results down to the very last wipe and their high-quality, robust construction with solid steel frames. The suitable adapter enclosed enables parts to be replaced on the vehicle in just a few easy steps. Innovative flat-blade wipers are in no way inferior: The perfectly attuned spring rail and aerodynamic spoiler design apply even pressure onto the windshield to guarantee crystal-clear visibility. One extra advantage: Thanks to the airflow- and noise-optimized geometry, irritating wind noise is vastly reduced. Flat wiper blades can be fitted in newer model series, but also in many older-generation vehicles. The adapter matched to the respective wiper arm is enclosed in the packaging.