Which windscreen wipers do I need?

Before you replace wipers, you should check they really do need to be replaced. If the wiper blades are juddering or squeaking, it isn’t always necessary to replace them straight away, especially if they’re less than a year old. You can also increase the performance of the blades by making specific adjustments.

If all this is of no help and the wiper blades need to be replaced, you should consult the vehicle manual first, as the manufacturer usually indicates which type of wiper is suitable for your vehicle.

Which wipers for your car?

Nowadays, there are many different types of wiper on the market. Therefore, not all of them fit every vehicle. If you can’t find the information you need in your car's manual, or if you’re still not sure which wipers are the best, our service will help you quickly. Find out easily which wipers are suitable for your vehicle by entering the type of vehicle, manufacturer, model and optionally also the length of the wiper blades in our search window. Based on your vehicle details, you can use this to identify which are the best windshield wipers for your vehicle.

Type of mounting

The type of mounting is also relevant for choosing the correct windscreen wipers. The best thing to do before buying a new wiper is to take a close look at your previous one to find out which wiper blades you need. There are three different types of mounting:

  • Clicked hook fastening
  • Clamped hook fastening
  • Lateral mounting

Use product images and descriptions to compare whether the mounting type of the selected wiper blades matches the previous one.

What windshield wipers do i need for my older car?

You might think that the wiper blades are always the same within the same vehicle series, but this isn’t the case. Depending on the vehicle’s year of manufacture, the type of wiper may vary, even if the vehicle model is the same. For example, the wiper blades on the 5-series Golf have been clamped since November 2005; before that, they had lateral mounting.

Be sure to look for quality

Even if wipers at bargain prices seem tempting, you should definitely pay attention to quality when buying them, because the wiper is a safety-critical component in vehicles. In addition, high-quality products are characterised by the following features, which quickly put the low prices of inferior products into perspective:

  • Reliable removal of dirt and water without streaking
  • More durable due to higher quality materials
  • No squeaking and juddering with correct wiper adjustment