Cutting wiper blades to size?

So do not cut away your good visibility!

There are various suppliers on the market offering cutting tools with special blades, which are used to shorten old worn wiper rubbers so that these can have a longer service life. In theory, this sounds logical at first - because it potentially saves the cost of buying new wiper blades.

In practice, however, trimming is not a good idea. The reason is the design of modern wiper blades:

While conventional wipers still have a frame with a metal bracket and pressure joints, most modern vehicles today are equipped with so-called flat blade or flat bar wipers. A spring rail presses the wiper rubber homogeneously onto the windscreen and, as a result of the flat design, the aerodynamics involved have become considerably improved.

The actual wiper rubbers consist of a mixture of specially compatible natural and synthetic rubber, they are graphite-coated and boast UV protection.

But if you now cut the rubbers to size, they are immediately unusable, even if all procedures are carried out correctly. This is because the graphite sliding layer is then removed, a fact which greatly changes the properties of the wiper lip. The result: the wipers start to "scrape and rub" and cause a bad wipe pattern. And that reduces visibility and consequently safety.

This is another reason not to use cutting tools:

And even with such tools, the cutting process is not always successful. In order to achieve an absolutely straight and clean cut, skilful dexterity, absolute cleanliness and the right rubber temperature are all decisive. Incorrect use destroys the wiper rubbers and makes the wipers unusable.

So never practise false economy when your wiper blades become worn. Because good visibility brought about by good wipers is crucial for road safety - not only for yourself, but also for other road users. The smart money is definitely on the new high-quality wiper blades from HELLA. These not only ensure optimum wiper results and greater safety, but are also very durable because of the materials that have gone into their making. A clear view whatever the conditions!