Nearly reached the goal

Visible quality


In agriculture, wiper blades are often tested to their limits by weather and other external influences. If they need to be changed, there should therefore be no need to compromise when it comes to quality. HELLA wiper blades for agricultural applications satisfy the highest expectations – and not only that, they are also quick and easy to change. This allows you to quickly return to concentrating on your work, which is what really matters

HELLA wiper blades can withstand even the toughest demands – their robust construction makes sure of that. You'll notice the difference in the wiping results, too. The graphite coating on the rubber section of the wiper blade significantly reduces friction in the contact areas between the wiper blade and the windshield. As a result, the wipers are quieter and much more consistent – and the service life of the wiper blades is extended considerably thanks to the reduced wear. An even pressure at every contact point ensures a spotless wiping result.

HELLA wiper blades for agricultural machinery can be changed in a flash: All it takes is a few minutes and a few simple steps to change the blades and restore your clear view of the road or your work area – and carry on concentrating on important work. Thanks to a preassembled matching adapter, almost all conventional wiper arms are covered. It couldn't be easier!