Nearly reached the goal

Quality pays off -


Long-distance drivers know how important it is to be able to rely on their vehicle. Wiper blades also have a decisive role to play in this respect, as they must always perform perfectly – after all, perfect vision and safety go hand in hand. HELLA wiper blades for trucks made by all leading manufacturers guarantee the best quality and can be fitted in no time at all.


Come rain, snow or muddy water from the vehicles in front: HELLA wiper blades are designed for continuous, day-to-day operation on the road – this is guaranteed by the high-quality, solid steel frame. The wiping results are outstanding, too. The graphite coating on the rubber section of the wiper blade significantly reduces friction in the contact areas between the wiper blade and the windshield. As a result, the wipers are quieter and much more consistent – and the service life of the wiper blades is extended considerably thanks to the reduced wear. Even pressure applied to every contact point ensures that wiping always leaves spotless results – so you will always maintain a clear view in extreme situations! A particular highlight is the integrated spray nozzle, which distributes the cleaning agent from the washer system precisely and evenly across the windshield. The result is an even clearer view after just a few wipes.


Worn wiper blades need to be replaced as quickly as possible for safety's sake – not a problem with HELLA wiper blades for commercial vehicles! After all, all it takes is a few steps to change wiper blades in no time at all, once more giving you a clear view of the road. The HELLA product range comprises wiper blades in flexible lengths and covers almost all commercial-vehicle models. It couldn't be easier!